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About MooVM

While eating dinner with his wife at Parker Pie Company in West Glover, Vermont after a late April ski day in 2013, an idea entered Chris Rose's mind: why hasn't anyone used the iconic black and white cow pattern to make customizable, high quality baseball hats for consumers visiting the beloved state of Vermont? An idea was born on a cocktail napkin in a local pizza restaurant across the street from a dairy barn. Now, cow-moo-flage covers our hats.

By purchasing a MooVM Cap, you are not only purchasing an iconic symbol of the Holstein cows synonymous with the state of Vermont and the agrarian history throughout New England, you are also supporting the Keep Local Farms Fund and the Must be the Milk campaign. 8.02% (the area code of Vermont) of the profit from your purchase will be donated to the Keep Local Farms Fund to help ensure the sustainability of dairy farmers throughout New England and Upstate NY, the mutual benefit to the region, the economy and the tourism revenue that these farms and cows bring to the Green Mountain State and New England.

Farm Photos